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Make a deliciously authentic Aam Ka Achaar (Mango Pickle) with a Masala that balances just the right ingredients for a perfectly Indian result.


Ingredients: Anise (Sounf), Fenugreek Seeds (Meythi Danaa), Mustard Oil (Sarson Ka Teyl), Nigella Sativa Seeds (Kalonji), Red Chili (Laal Mirch), Salt (Namak), Tumeric (Haldi)


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SDS Traditional Bharati Aam Ka Achaar:

Requires - Dried Mangoes, Asafoetida Spice (Hing), Mustard Oil (Sarson Ka Teyl), A Jar

Directions - Wash the dried mangoes and cut them into little pieces. Leave the cut mango in the open air for five to six hours to dry. Mix the cut mangoes with as much Masala as required (A standard packet of SDS Aam Ka Achaar Masala can make up to five kilograms of Aam ka Achaar) Put a pinch of Asafoetida Spice (Hing) in the jar and then add the Mango-Masala mix. Leave the jar out in the sun for one day. Fill the jar with mustard oil and then leave it in the sun again for another five to seven days. Make your regular meal and enjoy it with our delightfuly enticing Aam Ka Achaar.

Tip: For best results use Ramkeylaa Mangoes


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