SDS Starter Combo Pack


Combo pack of 11 SDS Premixes containing 1 pc each.Free Kitchen+ Instant Kadhi Mix with this pack



This Combo pack cointans 11 varients × 1 pcs each= 11 total products

Contents of the pack:-

  • SDS Chana/Chole Masala(70g)-1 pc
  • SDS Rajma Masala(70g)-1 pc
  • SDS Shahi Paneer Masala(40g)-1 pc
  • SDS Mattar Paneer Masala(50g)-1 pc
  • SDS Dal Makhni Masala(50g)- 1 pc
  • SDS Soya Chap Masala(40g)-1 pc
  • SDS Dal Masala(50g)-1 pc
  • SDS Omlete Masala(60g)- 1 pc
  • SDS Chai Masala(25g)- 1 pc
  • SDS Green Cardamom Powder(20g)-1 pc
  • SDS All in One Masala(100g)-1 pc

FREE KITCHEN+ Instant Kadhi Mix(80g)- 1 pc

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